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diploma thesis


My diploma thesis about the small MTA `masqmail'. Written at the
University of Applied Sciences Ulm. I'm happy to tell that it received
the best possible grade (1.0) for it. :-)

schnalke-masqmail.*:  diploma thesis (en)
schnalke-masqmail-cover.*:  cover (en)

schnalke-masqmail.tar.gz:  latex sources of the thesis  latex source of the thesis

masqmail-diploma-pres.pdf:  diploma presentation (en)  latex sources of the slides

Discovered typos
Page 93 (f):
    /\[9\]/ s/Engeneering/Engineering/
    (found by myself)

Pages 93 (f), 94 (g):
    s/2000/2009/ in [4], [9], [26], and [29]
    (found by J├╝rgen Dollinger)

I did some word statistics on the thesis. Therefore I created a version
that only included the main text. I converted it to text and removed
references and strange characters. The resulting file
`thesis-cleaned.txt' consists of about 2900 lines, 30,000 words, and
180,000 characters.

I used `wordcount.awk' to generate a list of word frequencies
`thesis-words.txt' and their percentage of the whole text.
`accumulation.awk' added the percentage of the accumulated share. This
resultet in the final list of word frequencies

Compared to other word frequency lists
( , , ), it's quite
similar. About half of the text is covered by the top 100 words. The
most used words in my thesis are mostly the same as the ones in those
frequency lists.

MTA poll
During my work on the thesis I did a poll about MTAs. The poll is not
very good and it received only few responses. Thus it should be seen as
a small side effect of the thesis which might be interessting, but
nothing more. However I thank those people who sent replies.

The request `mta-umfrage.txt' (in German) and the result
`mta-umfrage-auswertung.txt' (also in German).

Talk at the ChaosSeminar
One month after handing in the diploma thesis, I did a talk at the CCC
Ulm ChaosSeminar:
It was mostly about the topic of my diploma thesis: masqmail. Video
recordings exist and a two-side handout is available, too. See
/docs/chaosseminar/masqmail on this website.