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resizes images using the gd library

The program resizes images to a specific size. The files are modified,
so copy the files before, if you want to keep the original pictures!

If <size> is given, aspect ratio of the images is preserved and only
shrinking is done. Smaller images remain unmodified.

If <width>x<height> ist given, the images are resized to match that
dimensions. The images probably get stretched and enlarged.

Only  JPEG  and  PNG  files are supported. The filetype is detected by
the filename suffix which has to be either `.jpg', `.jpeg' or `.png'.
Unsupported files get skipped.

This program is meant to be a small(er) alternative to the `mogrify'
command of ImageMagick. Mainly because ImageMagick has lots of
dependencies,  while the GD-Library has less.

current release: resize-gd-0.2 (2008-06-25)