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meillo's mail handler (mmh)

Mmh is a mail client (MUA) for users who like the Unix philosophy.
It is an experimental version (or fork) of nmh, the new mail handler,
which again is the currently most popular implementation of a mail
client in MH style.

I have described my design decisions and the implementation of mmh
in my master's thesis: <>. It is the
definitive explanation of mmh.

The user interface of mmh is not compatible to nmh, but similar in
style. The mail storage is compatible. As mmh's configuration files
are stored at a different location one may operate with both, nmh
and mmh, on the same mail storage.

	The latest version is mmh-0.1, released on 2012-12-08.

The source code can be accessed through the version control system.
Browse online at: <>
Or get a local copy with:

	git clone

-----  -- nmh's homepage