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The Modern Mail Handler
Markus Schnalke

Master's Thesis
Ulm University

The document is available in both PDF and Postscript format.
The *.asc files are digital signatures that confirm the integrity
of the documents.

mmh.tar.gz contains the final state of the code base regarded in
the thesis. It is under version control. git can be used directly
to browse the repository. The repository can be browsed online as

changelog.txt contains the log of all changes done since the
beginning of the work. This file exists for convenience. The same
information can be retrieved with `git log'.

full.diff lists all differences between the beginning and the end
of the work. The file exists only for completeness. The same
information can be accessed in a much more comprehensive way
using git.

schnalke-mmh.tar.gz contains the full source code of the document.
It is under version control as well, but in this case Mercurial
(hg) was used. The repository can be browsed online as well:


p. 23: double word: ``caused only only a draft message''

p. 28: There is no such thing as ``GNU file''. The de-facto standard
       implementation is the one of Ian Darwin, which was meant here.

p. 43: double word: ``I have not suffered from the the Unix wars.''

p. 49: ``clumpsy'' instead of ``clumsy''


The sources consist of:

	4851 lines of troff code
	25,720 words
	159,409 characters

Calculated with `soelim *roff | deroff | wc'.

The twenty most frequently used words in the thesis are:

   1968 the
    746 to
    643 of
    502 and
    491 in
    442 a
    441 is
    275 be
    273 for
    223 it
    219 this
    198 was
    197 as
    192 with
    181 mmh
    177 mh
    168 by
    168 are
    165 not
    163 nmh


I have covered the topic in two talks: